Please Keep Closed Stickers (Pack of 2)
Please Keep Closed Stickers (Pack of 2)

Please Keep Closed Stickers (Pack of 2)

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  • AVOIDS PROBLEMS | Some "employees only" areas are downright dangerous for visitors and customers. Improve safety and reduce liability with adequate signage.
  • HELPFUL REMINDER | Employees sometimes forget. Even you sometimes forget. Good signage helps everyone remember.
  • CLEAR AND EFFECTIVE | Vendors, delivery services, and visitors to your workplace don't always know the rules about keeping garage doors closed or respecting private areas. These signs keep everyone informed silently and politely.
  • INSTALLS EASILY | Durable stickers printed on quality coated paper stock can handle sunlight, fluorescent lighting, and changing temperatures.
  • ADAPTABLE AND FLEXIBLE | Suitable for supply closets, garage doors, maintenance areas, walk-in freezers, conference rooms, emergency exits, and many other areas where privacy and security matter. The adhesive stickers go on easily on nearly any flat surface such as doors, walls, or windows.