Handicapped Access Sticker Signs (Pack of 10)
Handicapped Access Sticker Signs (Pack of 10)

Handicapped Access Sticker Signs (Pack of 10)

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  • PACK OF TEN | With ten stickers, you can easily set aside a front row of seats and still have signage for the restroom and parking lot.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE | Each sticker is 5.5” square, with bright blue and white colors so everyone notices. Avoid awkward misunderstandings by using bright signage to indicate areas reserved for disabled people.
  • FLEXIBLE USE | These stickers are designed for long-term indoor use and temporary outdoor use. Designate parking spots as handicapped-only for special events, direct visitors toward a handicapped-accessible ramp and entrance, and reserve seating areas for guests with reduced mobility and special needs.
  • WELCOME GUESTS | These signs help create a welcoming, tolerant atmosphere in your office, theater, school, church, or place of business by letting everyone know that you have considered the special needs of your visitors and employees.
  • CONVENIENTLY COMPLIANT | All new buildings need to comply with local and federal regulations regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. These bright stickers use the universal symbol for handicapped access of a person in a wheelchair. Deploy them quickly and conveniently on doors, windows, and existing signs to do the right thing regarding ADA compliance.